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New Exciting Products for 2009/2010
Mesh baseball gloves
Catchers equipment
Catapult Ice adult baseball bat
Zero Gravity Spikes and Turf shoes
Akadema Baseballs
Roll bags 
New For 2010 Season 


Akadema Inc would like to work with you and your program.  We can offer your teams great deals and opportunities to save tons of money.  We can package up any combinations of products we carry (fielding gloves, full apparel line, wood and aluminum bats, spikes, cleats and turf shoes, batting gloves, travel, coaches and bat bags)

Below are some packages as well as pictures of new products being introduced this fall/winter. 


- Composite SuperBat (33") = $40 (49 remaining)
- Maple Bats = $35
- Ash Bats = $20
- Spike, Turf Shoe, Slider Shoe = $70
- Cage Jacket, Performance Shirt, BP Sweat, Sunglasses = $45
- Xtension Catapult -3 bats = $65 (40 remaining)
Package 1
- Fielding Glove (Precision or Professional Series)
- Bat Bag
- Cage Jacket
- Performance Shirt
- Batting Gloves
- T-Shirt
- Sunglasses
- Wrist Bands
Total Cost = $195
Package 2
- Fielding Glove (Prosoft Series)
- Bat Bag
- Cage Jacket
- Performance Shirt
- Batting Gloves
- T-Shirt
- Sunglasses
- Wrist Bands
Total Cost = $135
If you have any questions or want to inquire about any other Akadema products, please feel free to contact me. 
New Akadema Baseballs

Akadema Baseballs 

Akadema Inc
140 5th Ave.
Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506

catapult ice

                CATAPULT ICE
Coming this Fall
Akadema's Xtension was the most technologically advanced Pro Balanced bat on the market until our latest bat, the Catapult Ice. The Catapult Ice uses the advanced technology of the Xtension, but gives it's own chilling features that would intimidate any pitcher. The Catapult Ice is 100% Scandium Alloy that is dipped in Glycol to cool down the bat and give it that sub-zero feel. This bat is made with the same machine that is used to make military Hydra Missiles.  The Ice also features the Xtension Counter Balance Technology, allowing for lighter feeling barrel.
                                               MADE IN THE USA 

spike Zero Gravity Spikes
Coming this Fall
The Zero Gravity Spike's sleek new look not only makes you look like a big leaguer but it also lets you perform like one. "The Zero Gravity Spike's new revolutionary style gives each player the ability to get to every ball and steal every base" Vice President of Sales and former big leaguer Kris Totten says. "The spikes have been modified with a new Velcro cross training strap to make sure that every pivot and cut will be easier for any player to execute". Also, for the spikes, Akadema has developed a scuff resistant toe to make sure your spikes don't wear down during the course of the season.

McCarthyZero Gravity Turf Shoes
Coming this Fall
The new Zero Gravity Turf shoes sleek new look gives you great comfort, feel and durability.  New mesh front toe box design allows for more foot comfort.  The ZG Turf also features a new scuff resistant matt finished toe.   Soft midsol for maximum comfort. 
 McCarthyCatchers Gear
Helmet/Chest Protector/Leg Guards
Coming this Fall


Akadema's new Praying Mantis Catchers Equipment uses the newest technology to ensure that you will be able to perform at your highest potential behind the plate. Akadema uses Coolmax lining which allows you to have lightweight equipment that cools you down while its ultra form fitting design ensures maximum protective coverage. Akadema's Praying Mantis chest protector has angled padding that ensures greater control for when you block a wild pitch. The Praying Mantis Leg Guards are very light and flexible which allows you to drop down or move side to side to smother any pitch. The Praying Mantis Hockey Catchers Mask gives your head complete protection with its shock absorption technology and strength resistant cage that gives you full visibility. 



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Endorsements: More than 30 MLB players and US Olympic Softball players:  Manny Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Brandon McCarthy, David Murphy, Derek Holland, Brad Ziegler, Ross Ohlendorf, Mark Melancon, Cameron Maybin, Monica Abbott, Crystl Bustos and dozens of others.  Senior Advisors and Hall of Famers: Gary Carter and Carl Yastremzski.  D-I baseball and softball powerhouses: San Diego State U, BYU, Ohio U, Winthrop U, Florida International U.


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