Baseball Glove Lace Locks 4 Sale
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The GloveLocks Keep Baseball or Softball
Thumb and Little Finger Glove Laces Tight

GLOVELOCK for baseball Gloves are hot!!!

You use them to tighten Baseball and Softball Glove Thump and Little Finger laces instead of tying knots that always come undone. The Glovelocks Look Great and keep your glove hand ready for anything hit your way.

  • Laces on the thumb and pinkie should keep your glove locked tight on your hand -- but they always come loose and need retightening.
    Letting the ball slip from a loose glove is not an option.
  • Use what the Pros use GloveLocks Demo Video Here

    UPDATE>>>With GloveLocks tightening your thumb it is secured in place so that hard ground balls and line drives don't bend
    or bruise the thumb. This is even better for Catchers and First Base Men's Gloves
  • Now you can keep your hands locked in and the ball secure in your glove -- The GloveLock.
  • Each Glove uses 4 pieces or a 1 Pack the cost is $7.99. New Dual Color Packs Below
  • Have more than one glove buy a 4 Pack Cost $28.00 ($7.00 per Pack)  Share cost with friends
  • Have a team buy a Team Pack $90.00 (15 packs $6.00 each)
  • Use as a Team Fund Raiser suggested list price is $15.00
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Glove Lace Locks
Keeps Laces Tight
4 Pack 16 Pieces Glove Lace Locks
Team Pack 15x4 60 Pieces Glove Lace Locks
Glove Lace Locks
Dual Colors
Name Your Color Combination
Glove Lace Locks
 Dual Colors
Now Get Custom Dual Color Packages

 Or make your own just add the colors you want to the color combination box and and use the name your color link to pay

New colors
coming soon

GLOVELOCK for baseball Gloves they tighten Baseball and Softball Glove Laces
Glovelock™ — Patent Pending © Copyright 2015–2016. All Rights Reserved.

Coming Soon Baseball and Softball glove re lacing kits and color laces for baseball gloves
Leather laces to repair Baseball and Softball Gloves
Black, Red, Blue, Tan Brown, Carmel, Dark Green, Neon Yellow,
Standard Leather laces to repair Baseball and Softball Gloves



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Just the Best Baseball Products for the Serious Baseball Player