For Baseball shoes
Tiger Stick the best Sticky Solution for your
Bat and Hand Grip
Athletics Shoelaces
The material/fabrics used to produce our laces are beyond comparison to our competitors. We have great reputation for sturdy laces with Baseball Players around the country. Our quality and designs are
guaranteed to be strong and not  fade. Our prices low because we buy direct form manufactures.
Now you can match the color of our laces to the color of your team jerseys and build team sprit and unity.
all for one and one for all.
Experience the best in
Athletic Shoelaces
Athletic Round 3/16"
Round Dual Tone 3/16"
Athletic Flat 5/16"

2 thicknesses available,  1.1 mm for medium cushion, and NEW 0.5 very thin tape for the ultimate in bat handle feel...just like holding a bat bare handed.
Lizard Skin Bat tape has hundreds of tiny holes that feel like a small cushion under your hand. They allow gripping pores which allow you to hold the bat with a much lighter grip and attain the same hold of your bat with out batting gloves. The baseball hitting advice applies, "Loose muscles are fast muscles". Increase your bat speed and lower the sting on cold days.
Just try it you'll believe it.

Bat Tape Available in Team Colors for all types of bats;  baseball, softball, fast pitch, golf, tennis, use it on any type of item with a handle, helps keep it in
your hand and not in the stands
Bat Tape Team Colors Available in
Red&Blue, Black&Yellow Black&White, Red&White, Blue&Orange, White&Blue, Gray&Black, Blue&Yellow
Athletic Round 3/16" Shoelaces The Round Shoe Lace is one of our most popular styles. These shoelaces are available in a variety of popular colors and  54 inches in length . It can be worn in almost any type of shoe.
Round Dual Tone 3/16" Shoelaces
The Round Dual Tone Shoe Lace has the same construction as the solid Round Lace, but with a secondary color woven in for accent. The Dual Tone is woven in and not chemically dyed giving each combination precise colors that last a long time and will not fade.
Athletic Flat 5/16" Shoelaces The Athletic Flat Shoe Lace is a basic slim and flat lace and is compatible with athletic and casual shoes. The Athletic Flat Shoe Lace is available in a variety of popular colors and comes in 54 inches in length.
How to Keep Shoelaces Tied!
How to keep your shoelaces tied is a question we have been asked many times. It is a chronic problem everyone has that wears
shoes with shoelaces.

One reason shoelaces come untied is caused by worn and stretched shoelaces. With normal use, the location of the shoelaces knot (bow) wears and stretches the fibers of the shoelace. These worn and stretched shoelaces will come untied more easily than shoelaces that are not worn and stretched. For this reason most of our shoelaces are sold as a two pair pack. This provides you with new laces when the first pair becomes too worn from normal use and will not stay tied
BBCOR.50 MacDougall PowerWood Bats
All Sizes in Stock 31-34 inch in 1/2 in sizes
4 Month Warranty

MacDougall PowerWood baseball bat BBCOR.50 all wood
MacDougall PowerWood baseball bat BBCOR.50 all wood

Buy a MacDougall Solid Wood Bat

KR3 Composite Wood Bats BBCOR.50

KR3 Bats All Sizes in Stock
32/29,33/30-34/31 In Stock
Knob & Flare
4 Month Warranty


Experience the best in
Athletic Shoelaces
2 PAIR Athletic Shoelaces
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This handy Deluxe Pine Tar Pro makes it easy to apply Pine Tar liquid to any bat with ease, and without the mess. It also comes with its own attached carrying case for the bottle of Pine Tar and a clip so that it can be attached to almost anything. A 4 oz. bottle of Pine Tar is included. $14.00
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Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over
as these bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the

Northwest Independent Baseball League
a 16 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.
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